LifeStory facilitates and sweetens the experience of writing an autobiography. Our staff of experienced professional writers conducts interviews, transcribes the interviews, and edits and organizes the content into readable and engaging prose while sustaining the subject’s unique voice.

The result is a professional, elegant, soft or hardcover book with pictures that is skillfully written in your loved one’s own words. It is the story, firsthand, of his or her most important life memories, milestones, and achievements.

Experts disciplined in interview methodology work off the premise that documenting family heritage offers immeasurable value for current and future generations. We all want to be remembered, to be understood. We want our lives to mean something. And we want the same for our loved ones. With their stories in our possession, we can revisit them, learn about where we come from, and share them with future generations.

LifeStory makes the experience of documenting your family heritage easy and enjoyable. The process requires approximately four hours, divided into a few sessions in which your loved one talks about his or her life to a professional and compassionate interviewer and writer.

A LifeStory makes a gift for any occasion and offers the opportunity to teach personal history, values, and lessons learned along the great journey in a format that is exciting and engaging for friends and family.

Everyone’s LifeStory is important, not only for those who receive it, but for the one who tells it.

Pass It On.