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The Story of LifeStory

Ever since I can remember, I have loved listening to family stories and sharing them with others. Family and story are at the core of who I am. Combining these elements to create legacy and celebration books that my clients are proud to share with families and friends has had a profound impact on my life.

Richard Squires is sitting on a wooden picnic table holding a copy of a LifeStory Memoir. He is looking off to the side as if in conversation with someone out of frame. A stack of Lifestory books is sitting on the table in front of him.

My career path has led me to become the author I am today. I honed my writer’s craft in two master’s programs—I have a Master of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing, and a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction—and I further developed my skills as a university professor of writing and a writer in corporate communications. I am driven by an insatiable desire to continue learning, improving, and helping others experience the joy and satisfaction of sharing their stories with the world.

With my grandfather, I witnessed this joy and satisfaction firsthand.

Vintage sepia photo of Richard's Grandpa Ben and Nana Marilyn as a young couple
A vintage sepia photo of Grandpa Ben as a young man riding a horse.
A vintage sepia photo of Grandpa Ben and Nana Marilyn  as a young couple being goofy on a beach

Pictures of Grandpa Ben with Nana Marilyn

LIFESTORY developed from an organic connection between my passion for storytelling and my commitment to capturing my grandfather's life stories before those memories were lost. The concept for LIFESTORY was born on Thanksgiving of 2015 when my grandfather, Major Benjamin Squires, 13th U.S. Air Force, asked, "Richard, when are you going to write my story?"

I jumped at the opportunity to interview Grandpa and mold his words into an exciting narrative that preserved his unique voice. Grandpa’s memoir printed when he was in the hospital following a stroke. When I told him his book was finished and that everyone would soon have their own copy, his eyes radiated a sense of comfort. He passed away soon after at the age of ninety-two, driving home how true it is that “time is of the essence.”

Grandpa's memoir is his legacy; reading his words and listening to him recount his LIFESTORY brings me great emotion and peace. I am so grateful to Grandpa for helping guide me toward my life’s calling. Every day, I meet fascinating people who open up to me and give me their trust. I weave their stories, memories, life lessons, milestones, and favorite anecdotes into precious narratives, honoring their unique voices with the same care I dedicated to Grandpa's story.


The LIFESTORY experience brings us all great joy. I love it. My clients find it cathartic, comforting, and engaging. And family benefits in so many ways—learning your roots and history, relating to and growing closer with your loved ones—and that includes generations of family yet to come.


Let me share my expertise and passion with you.

Every Life is a Story.

Let Me Write Yours. 

Book Cover: "Swimming Through History" by Benjamin Squires, Richard's grandfather

Grandpa Ben's Book!

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