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  • What can I expect from my LIFESTORY Memoir?
    You will realize your dream of telling your story in your words. Your memoir will read as though you wrote it yourself. Family members and friends will be immersed in your engaging story while hearing your voice as the narrator. The book captures your personality and vision, and delivers the story of your life that you want to communicate.
  • How does the process of creating a LIFESTORY Memoir begin?
    We will create a high-level plan in advance, and I will give you prompts to help you think about the anecdotes you want to include in your book. We will then schedule our first interview.
  • What if I or my loved one lives too far away for an in-person interview?
    No problem. I have interviewed clients from New Jersey and New York to Florida, California, and even Australia. Interviewing over the computer or phone does not affect the quality of our conversations.
  • How long does the process take?
    Every person is unique and each memoir is customized. After our no-fee consultation, I will organize a plan to map out an overall timeline.
  • What is the fee to create a LIFESTORY Memoir?
    I will provide you with a personalized proposal and quote following our no-fee consultation. Each project differs based on your individual story. Please inquire regarding the fee for your LIFESTORY.
  • How much preparation is needed before the interviews?
    Preparation is not necessary, but it is helpful to jot down a few topics you want to discuss. I will guide the conversation and help you remember and describe the many stories you want to share about your life. Also, you will want to pull meaningful pictures out from your collection.
  • Will I be able to review the manuscript before my memoir is completed and printed?
    Yes! Manuscript review is an important part of the process. Your LIFESTORY Memoir will accurately communicate the spirit of what you want to say.
  • Does my LIFESTORY include pictures?
    Absolutely! Pictures are carefully placed among your words to more fully illustrate your LIFESTORY.
  • Do you give presentations about LIFESTORY to groups?
    Yes, I enjoy talking to groups about how I help my clients write their legacies. My presentation includes fascinating historical anecdotes from my clients’ lives, amusing stories we can all relate to, inspirational stories of survival, and awesome pictures. I also play guitar and sing songs that relate to some of my clients’ stories. Additionally, I lead memoir writing workshops from time to time. Contact me to discuss a presentation or workshop at your venue.
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