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How We Work

The LifeStory Writing Process is as Unique as the Story inside each LifeStory Memoir

In advance of the Interviews, I provide prompts that evoke memories and stories you want to include in your memoir.

Topics we often discuss cover:

Your Life’s Greatest Milestones ||  Relationships & Loves 

Obstacles & Challenges  ||  Childhood & Family Traditions 

 War & Military  ||  Career  ||  Travel  ||  Life Lessons & Reflections 

Advice to the Younger Generations

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Let's Begin...

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Conversations follow an easy flow. Together, we discuss the vision and expectations for your book. Then I guide you through the conversation, capturing the stories, relationships, and themes that make your life unique and interesting. 

I set a warm atmosphere so my clients are comfortable sharing the most heartfelt aspects of their lives with me, and I know how to elicit the best stories and material. Often, through conversation, my clients recall memories and details they haven’t thought about for years. Readers feel these organic, special moments when reading your memoir.

Step 1:
The Interviews

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Step 2:
Editing & Writing

Once your interview recordings are accurately transcribed to capture your expressions, I apply my writing and editing expertise to create an engaging narrative that expresses your true spirit. Your book reads as though you wrote it yourself. When family and friends read your memoir, they are immersed in your journey and can practically hear you narrating to them. 

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Step 3:
Selecting Images

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Pictures more fully illustrate your story and add another dimension to your memoir. We will collaborate to choose the best pictures according to your content, and can photograph meaningful memorabilia and artifacts. When appropriate, I conduct additional research to find images that pair well with your story. 

Your pictures receive the professional treatment: formatting, resizing, cropping and effects. Images are then laid out with care, positioned to optimally complement the text.

Step 4:
Book Design
& Cover

The interior layout and design of your LIFESTORY Memoir is meticulously and professionally crafted to publishing and industry standards.

LIFESTORY designs your personalized Book Cover, bringing the story of your journey to life. This is the moment when you realize that your vision has come to fruition.

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