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Our Clients Say...

"My deepest gratitude to Richard Squires who gave life to my words and guided me through a wonderful journey. Richard Squires helped me to write and publish my life story. I never thought writing a book about my life would be as seamless and enjoyable as he made it."

-Victor G.

Richard Squires has successfully put together a series of stories garnered from Holocaust survivors residing at CareOne in Teaneck, New Jersey.  My parents, who were at CareOne at the time, were two of those Mr. Squires interviewed. My mother is a Holocaust survivor, and my father was in the Military at the time my mother arrived at the Freimann DP camp. Their story is unique, in that at the end of a very horrific event, they found love, marriage,

and a happy ending. 


Mr. Squires was able to transform their story and brought it alive in his book. Mr. Squires was a wonderful interviewer. He was very respectful, patient, and friendly, and was very suited to putting my parent's testimony in writing

—Hindy K.

"This wonderful memoir is a dream come true that will be passed down to many generations to come. Thank you so very much for your expertise, energy, and attention to detail."

—Gina M.

“Hello Richard! I was absolutely blown away with this book on my dad. I feel it makes the best gift and I want to share LifeStory with my friends.”

—Bonnie D.

“Richard was given a daunting task of capturing my mom’s life story as told through a large collection of vignettes that she wrote in the last decade of her life. He was able to arrange them into a coherent chronological narrative and adeptly included family photos supporting the narrative (which included some skillful editing as well). I feel my mom’s presence as I read through the book! Richard has given us an enduring family treasure. With gratitude and appreciation.”

—Abe C.

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