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We tell your story in your voice

from your point of view.

Book Cover: "Little Princess & Blond Angel" by Elisa and Gustavo Del Vecchio
Elisa and Gustavo

Following the war, Gustavo, a sergeant in the Italian Air Force, met a kindred spirit in Elisa, a hairdresser in her family salon. Diplomatically navigating the etiquette of the time and place, including Elisa’s idiosyncratic, larger-than-life father, the two married and began their adventure together by emigrating to New Jersey.

Your Memoir is Your Legacy

What is a LifeStory Memoir?

The story of your life, professionally captured and written in a unique book

that you and your family will cherish for generations. 

Your favorite pictures highlight your unique journey and loved ones.

Richard Squires, the owner of LifeStory, empowers his clients to realize their dream of writing their LIFESTORY, their legacy.

With comprehensive writing experience, keen insight, and a sincere heart,

Richard captures your character, voice, and spirit.


This is why clients seek out his expertise.

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Richard Squires is playing the guitar and sitting on a set of wooden deck stairs
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Hi, I'm Richard

LifeStory was born when my grandfather, a World War II veteran, asked me to write his memoir. The fulfilling experience inspired me to create LIFESTORY, the perfect union between my passion for writing and storytelling with my love of family and history.

Many people have dreamed of sharing their LIFESTORY, but writing it yourself can be an overwhelming task. I provide a warm, easy, and enriching experience that culminates in a memoir you will be proud to share with your family. The wisdom, experiences, and incredible stories that each of us possesses need to be shared while our memories are fresh.

Seeing the look on my client’s face when I place their completed memoir in their hands is an unforgettable and heartfelt moment.

Telling your unique story is a courageous and life-affirming experience; it benefits us, our family, and the generations to come.

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LifeStory Memoir Products

Set of vintage photo frame and old paper


Your life’s story honored and preserved forever in a book your family and friends will cherish for generations

Dry Flowers_edited_edited_edited.png
Set of vintage photo frame and old paper


A collection of stories, memories, and photos honoring a loved one who has passed on

Set of vintage photo frame and old paper


Memorialize your beloved pet with stories, favorite memories, and adorable pictures. Display it on your shelf and melt hearts

Set of vintage photo frame and old paper
illustrated birthday candles


Complement your LifeStory Memoir with a Video celebrating special moments during the creation of your memoir. Your Video will include highlights from the interviews edited together with photographs, music, and archival film if available

Set of vintage photo frame and old paper with adhesive tape. Vintage style for scrapbookin


Your family will enjoy listening to your voice as you recount your LIFESTORY during the interview process. Your podcast chapters will be professionally edited and mixed with music to enhance the memoir experience.

Set of vintage photo frame and old paper


One interview each year for the first 18 years of your child's life, culminating in an irreplaceable chronicle of their childhood

baby minimal white background holding ba
Set of vintage photo frame and old paper


For a wedding, commencement, quinceañera, bar mitzvah, sweet 16, or other milestone, a unique keepsake of anecdotes, testimonials, speeches, vows, and pictures to be remembered always

How We Work 

The LIFESTORY Process of creating a memoir is designed to give clients an engaging, easygoing, and enjoyable experience. The client’s role is to talk about their life and provide pictures.

Interview Pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Richard conducts interviews in a warm and comforting environment. Together, you recount your life's story.

Editing and Writing_edited_edited_edited

Richard and his team transcribe, organize, and write the events of your life's story into a professional memoir.

photo stack_edited_edited_edited_edited.

Together, you and Richard select photos and memorabilia to include in your book and enhance your story. 

Design and

Richard and the team design the contents of your book and create a unique cover that captures your spirit. 

The Ultimate Gift

collection of  various white note papers
collection of  various white note papers
collection of  various white note papers
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